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Thursday, December 08 2016

Clackamas, OR: Shaw Merchant Group, provider of credit card processing services for a host of businesses, both large and small, is welcoming sales agents to join their team and help them to continue their mission to evolve the merchant services industry. With an eye for the latest technology, SMG's aim is to help sales agents greatly increase their revenue, while serving end-user clients with the most efficient solutions possible.

Giving agents and their clients the most choice is Shaw Merchant Group's main focus. One of the things that SMG is best known for is their diverse partnerships with various banks and processors, which allows them a large amount of flexibility. Having so many different connections in the industry gives SMG's sales agents a huge advantage, especially if they are new to the business and are too early in the game to have made such connections on their own. This also enables sales agents to offer their clients customized solutions that are extremely competitive.

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