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Monday, January 23 2017
Total Merchant Services Agent and ISO Program

Have you decided to become a partner with Total Merchant Services? You have made the right choice! Joining our program offers many advantages, whether you are a seasoned sales agent or are only just starting to realize the huge potential for growth that you have in the merchant services industry.

Total Merchant Services has unique incentives that make it a great fit if you are ambitious and want to build a real business that you can scale up over time, using the myriad of bonuses and residuals that we offer.


Competitive Compensation Plans – Bonuses and Residuals

Thanks to our competitive commissions plans, we know that loyal agents will continue to use our services time and time again, so we will never require an exclusivity deal. Our plans are extremely flexible. You can always change what sort of compensation plan you choose on a merchant to merchant basis. Here are some of your options:

- $300 paid daily on approved free terminal installations. After that, a revenue split of 50% to 65%, and a true-up bonus of up to $5000.

- 60% revenue share, with a $100 bonus for free terminals and a $200 bonus if the terminal is not free.

- 70% revenue share if you don’t collect bonuses and you forgo the free terminal programs.

- Wireless Placement Option, where you are paid $200 daily upon approval, and also get a 50% to 65% split, and a true-up bonus of up to $5000.

- Our MOTO/Internet Option, which similarly pays $200 upon approval, allows you to provide the client with a free Internet payment gateway, give you a 50% to 65% split, and offers a true-up bonus of up to $5000.

- 85% residuals, which you can collect on merchants that process more than $25,000 worth of sales per month.

- Our $100,000 bonus program, which offers our new sales agents $100,000 in bonuses over the course of 90 days or less, in addition to any of the other plans mentioned above. Your bonus amount will be calculated based on how many accounts you open.

In addition to these great plans that are flexible and can be changed depending on your individual merchant, you never have to worry about your passive income drying up at a certain predefined time, because we pay lifetime residuals.

You’ll be surprised how quickly these residual payments can add up as well. In just a matter of months, you can find yourself tripling and quadrupling your month income as you accumulate accounts. Try doing that with an average job!


Free Terminals for Your Clients

Nowadays, many merchants expect free terminals when they sign up, so you need to be prepared to offer them a plan that will require no upfront costs. Total Merchant Services is on the leading edge of the merchant service industry, and as such we have a state of the art free terminal program, so you will never have to say no to clients who may not have the capital to pay for their equipment.

We not only offer free shipping, free deployment, and free installation, but we also offer a bonus for the sales agent in many of our plans. This includes both simple credit card terminals as well as free POS options from our celebrated Groovv line of products.

We also offer programs that replace defective terminals so that your client can feel confident that he won’t be helpless in case of equipment malfunction. Optionally, your merchant can also sign up for the Merchant Advantage Program, which includes this protection against defects, as well as free receipt paper, a free terminal, and many other advantages.

Our services cover a wide range of budgets, and with our free terminal program, monthly fees start at just $5 for our mobile solutions. Sign up any kind of merchant, big or small, with confidence.


Pricing That Will Make Them Say “Yes!”

In addition to our flexibility on equipment pricing, we offer schedule fees that will impress most merchants. Fees can be as low as 1.09% for qualifying merchants. We offer several pricing options:

- Interchange-based pricing

- Tiered Pricing

- Credit Qualified, Check Card Qualified, MID and Non-Qualified

- Unbundled

- Discount rates with pass-through surcharges on MID and Non-qualified transactions

We also allow you to adjust the pricing yourself, in order to offer the merchants low fees and still retain your ability to receive a bonus.


We Offer the AMEX Full Acquiring Program

American Express has an extremely helpful program that allows merchants to sign up for all of the major credit card companies with only one application. With our program, you can offer this option to your clients, saving them substantial amounts of time and labor costs.

Their fees will also be consolidated into one statement, and merchants have a choice in how they would like to be charged. There is a flat rate option that doesn’t fluctuate, and then there is an option for the merchant to pay based on what AMEX pays.

Other fees will also be assessed, such as the AMEX Assessments fee, the AMEX Interchange Fee, the AMEX Cross Border fee, and the Card Not Present fee.


A Full Line of Modern POS Systems

Total Merchant Services is proud to offer a proprietary line of POS systems that offer not only the traditional point-of-sale function, but that also offer advanced reporting, online payment solutions, and marketing tools.

Groovv POS comes in two versions: the All-in-One, which offers the most complete solution and includes a cash drawer, barcode scanner, credit card reader, receipt printer, a stand, and of course an advanced 13” touch screen; the Groovv Flex offers less amenities, but it is more modular and new peripherals can easily be added as the business grows.

If your client is simply wants to get started with everything he needs right out of the box, the Groovv All-in-One is perfect in most cases. For smaller start-ups or for merchants who merely prefer a minimalistic approach, the Groovv Flex may offer the savings and freedom that they’re looking for. Depending on what plan you choose for your merchant, the Groovv Flex can even cost nothing upfront.

Both Groovv POS models comes with a payment device, inventory management software, integrated mobile marketing, tipping and tax settings, as well as the ability to split tabs, and advanced business reporting.


Merchant Cash Advance Programs

Running a business isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and over time you may notice merchants that need capital for a short-term project, but can’t accumulate the liquid cash fast enough. In cases like these, you might consider offering them a merchant cash advance. Total Merchant Services can provide your clients with the upfront capital that they need, using future credit card payments to automatically pay off the debt quickly and efficiently.

Your merchant will be able to expand his business and you will receive a portion of the interest that Total Merchant Services makes, so it truly is a win-win situation. You can receive as much as 2 to 6% in upfront bonuses, and 2% in residuals until the merchant is done paying off the debt. The more merchants you sign up for a cash advance deal, the higher your commission percentage will be, so the potential for added income is extremely high when you offer this service.


Check Services Program

We also offer check processing through Global eTelecom for your clients. If they would like to process checks, you can give them a check reader as well as competitive fee rates. The buy rate is 1% and $0.10 per transaction, there is a $10 statement fee, and a $15 monthly minimum. You will receive a revenue split of 50/50.


Gift Card Programs

One great way that merchants can cultivate customer loyalty is to have a gift card program or even a rewards program. Because of this a POS system that can keep track of a loyalty card or gift card purchases can be an invaluable thing to offer to your merchant clients.

For a low upfront fee ($24.95), and an even lower recurring monthly fee ($9.95 per location), your merchant can be equipped with everything he needs to get started.


Superior Customer Service

Businesses are made or broken based on the quality of their customer service. This is why Total Merchant Services believes in putting your clients first and offering the tech support or other services when they need it most. Our security standards are also extremely high because we know that even a single data breach can spell disaster for a merchant’s reputation and livelihood.

We also don’t demand contracts or charge early termination fees. Just as with our sales agents, we believe in giving merchants choice—and we trust that they will choose us every time.


Training to Help You Grow

While an ambitious attitude and a hunger for growth are strong indicators of success, they are not enough on their own, and for a sales agent to truly reach his full potential, he will need quality training. We don’t just abandon you and leave you up to your own devices; we will train you on how to use and demonstrate our equipment, so that you’re more than qualified to give advice to your merchants.

We will work with you so that you understand your monthly statement, as well as all of the complex rules that govern this industry. We have a variety of workshops and webinars that will prepare you for both the technical aspects of working as a sales agent, as well as the soft skills of learning how to sell in person and over the phone.

Rest assured that when you forge a partnership with us, we will do everything we can to make you a success.

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